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If you want a dressage horse, breed to a Trakehner stallion

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) publishes a yearly list of stallions of every breed that stand or stood in the United States and have excelled in the production of USDF Horse of the Year qualifiers. A stallion must have produced at least two qualified offspring in order to be put on the list. The list, sorted by breed, shows that Trakehner stallions far exceed any other breed in North America in producing dressage horses. Of the other breeds shown, 5 use the Trakehner as a foundation horse in the breed.

USDF records have been kept and sorted by breed since the 1989 show year, and the totals listed here reflect the number of separate horses that have made the list in any one or more of these years. For example, a horse like Hannabal that has appeared on the Horse of the Year list several years in a row is counted only once as offspring of his sire Pregelstrand.

A total of 833 Horse of the Year qualifiers were sired in the United States and competed in USDF dressage shows between 1989 and 1994. They are broken down by breed as follows: