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We are not only distributors of Fastrack but also users and believers in the benefits of Fastrack, a direct-fed microbial for horses, other livestock and dogs. Give your horses that extra edge they need for health,energy and attitude, feed Fastrack. As this page develops we will be showing you before and after photos of horses that have been feed Fastrack as an additive in their grain. We will also be explain how and why it works and the benefits we have seen and document on our horses, boarders horses and what other users have seen in their horses.

TOP 10 Benefits as reported by horse owners and as observed by us in our horses:

1. Better utilization of grain - less passed in manure. Less grain needed to be fed - some report as much as 40% less.

2. Better, silkier, shinner hair coat.

3. Foals have better hair coat and are healthier.

4. Improved reproductive performance, mares and stallions; Better semen quality and quantity in stallions.

5. Softer(better) attitude.

6. Less colic and hay belly.

7. Better appetites.

8. Better developed muscling.

9. Hardier & Healthier Horses.

10. Mares Milk More.

What is Fastrack?

Fastrack is a special blend of live lactic acid-producing bacteria, yeast and enzymes. This unique combination works to get horses on feed quickly and supplies valuable nutritional materials to promote efficient digestion and feed utilization. Fastrack direct-fed microbials are not drugs and are completely safe, even for young or sick animals. The lactic acid-producing bateria are naturally-occuring bacteria that enhance nutrient absorbtion by your horse. Yeasts stimulate the forage-digesting bacteria and work with the lactic acid-producing bacteria to stabilize the digestive environment.

A few of our experiences with Fastrack after evaluating the product for over 2 years.

We have observed a more complete utilization of grain in the horses, both ours and our boarders that we have on Fastrack, with a couple it has resulted in a 50% decrease in the amount of grain needed to maintain their weight, with most horses having a 40% savings on grain. We not only observed a much healthier, shinner hair coat on the adult horses but also on the babies. Many people have asked us how we got our foal's coats to look so nice and to be so soft, it is due to the Fastrack that the mare is on prior to birth. We have observed a denfinite difference between the mares we have foaled out who are and are not on Fastrack. We have also noticed no hay bellies on any of the horses we have on Fastrack. And those that have come to us with hay bellies, that have been put on the Fastrack, have lost them within a month. Our old stallion - Inselkönig - was a great example of Fastrack in improving semen quantity and quality. His collections and evaluations in 1997 were better than 1996 despite his 31 years of age. He breed more mares in 1997 and maintained his semen count(actually increasing it dramatically). With one collection we had enough semen to inseminate at least 5 mares AI with no extender and up to 10 mares with extender depending on the Vet's preferrence as to count of live semen per breeding. When we breed AI or freeze we generally want a billion live semen per straw and infusion. I checked a batch of cooled semen after 60 hours in the open on a test slide and it still had motility of 5% or so. 48 Hours is the general maximum for cooled and fresh semen. This result was better than 1996's. In 1998 he again has great counts, motility and longevity. 56% motiliy in the tested sample after 48 hours. He has five mares in foal so far 1998. One of his collections in 1997 would have given us 37 straws and another at least 45 straws of frozen semen. Three of his 1998 collections had 100cc's, 200 cc's and 150 cc's respectively.

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