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This page is a tribute to a freind, a fantastic stallion, and producer of excellent riding horses and foundation quality broodmares. Insel, as we called him, died December 4, 1998 and is greatly missed by us and those who new well.

If you want a performance sport horse you need to consider breeding to our stallions!

We will still be breeding him thru the use of frozen semen. His offspring are eligible for ATA Registration.


Inselkönig Kapitän Impuls


Kassandra Sporn
Insterlied Stern xx Berggeist xx
Signoretta xx
Insternacht Hansakapitän

ATA Futurity

Inselkönig was a black 16.1 hand Class 1 German Trakehner/German Hanovarian stallion. He was known for producing superb foundation quality mares that have produced approved sons in various warmblood breeds. He was used as a schoolhorse for upper-level riders by the German Hanovarian Society prior to being imported to the US. Inselkönig was recently featured in book ''International Warmblood Horse'' by Celia Clark and Debbie Wallin in which they credit him with producing a lasting positive influence on the Hanovarian breed.

He is listed internationally as producer of dressage and jumpers. His most sucessful jumper get are Flipper foaled in 1977 and Raviseur foaled in 1974. His most sucessful dressage get was his son Polarfürst foaled in 1978. Called ''That magnificent black stallion'' in a sport horse publication in Germany prior to his import to North America, his get have won many breeding championships and awards in the United States and Canada; Several of his mares are approved in other breeds in addition to the Trakehner breed. His lineage includes several of the who's who in the Trakehner breed, both stallions and mares. He is known internationally as a producer of excellent riding horses. Inselkönig is a proven producer of foundation quality mares. He throws his powerful hand quarters, head, and great temperament. Born March 14, 1966, he was the oldest Trakehner Stallion in North America, and based on our preliminary information - the oldest Trakehner Stallion in the world - and was still settling mares at that age. His get earned DM 92,508 in Germany and he has 36 registered mares including 2 states premium mares. His offspring are eligible for the American Trakehner Dressage Futurity. His name translates to Island King. Pedigree

Inselkönig prior to his importation from Germany

Ya gotta love those old stallions!

At 32, Inselkönig's semen had gotten better with age, probably due, in part to three years off where we used only frozen semen and, based on the difference in quantity and motility from 1996 to 1997,the Fastrack; His one collection this year, 60cc's, would have made 40 straws of frozen semen, a high number for any age, the average is 9 to 12 straws, and the largest collection of 125cc's probably 50 to 60 straws which is fantastic for any stallion, and unbelievable for one his age. We use a billion live semen per straw. His semen is better this year than last. We tested one of his cooled collections at 60 hours of age and it still had motility! 48 hours for chilled is considered the high end of longevity, the same for fresh, although there are exceptions, the longest known proven semen longevity is 6 days. We just pray he lives several more happy productive years.

At 32 Did he or didn't he have potency?

AT 32 HE DID!! He was the oldest Trakehner Stallion in the world and quit possibly the oldest breeding Trakehner Stallion in North America Ever!

His last foal crop from live cover and AI foaled this year. There are two fillies and two colts. From the proud new "parents" we have had rave reviews of the foals. All are athletic, freindly and large at birth, with the tallest, the colt, being 11.1 hands. Watch the stallion location guide for photos and more information. We have added photos and more info, and will be adding more as soon as we receive them. See the Stallion guide for Inselkönig to locate the pages



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