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This page is a continuation of a tribute to a freind, a fantastic stallion, and producer of excellent riding horses and foundation quality broodmares. Insel, as we called him, died December 4, 1998 and is greatly missed by us and those who new well.

If you want a performance sport horse you need to consider breeding to our stallions!

We will still be breeding him thru the use of frozen semen. His offspring are eligible for ATA Registration.


ATA Futurity

Inselkonig "A very well made stallion , perfect in every respect. With good bone for the foundation, harmonious, broad, deep body with good coupling and well-muscled, symmetrical croup. Valuable breeding stallion type." --German Trakehner Stallion Book Pedigree

More of Inselkönig's Offspring

His get include the following horses in addition to those we feature on this site.(We have no photos for these horses; if we receive them we will add them to the page.)

Mentor out of Mon Fluer: Winner of the Lieutenant Governor's Cup at the 1989 Breeders Cup in Langlade British Columbia. He placed 1st among Warmblood colts, 3rd out of 35 entrants in Dressage in Hand for 3 to 5 year olds, and 6th in hunter for 3 to 5 year olds.

Adaja out of Aria by Wildfeuer: Also approved Star mare in the Dutch Warmblood breed; her show record includes many Championships and Reserve Championships in breeding classes, including Champion and Reserve Champion Mare, in different divisions at the 1990 National Trakehner Show at Lamplight Equestrian Center in IL.

Ockeross out of Odessa: A stallion producing very athletic offspring, all with the Friendly temperament, Insel's get are known for. He is standing at the Rhineland Stud Farm, owned by Ed and Helga Rothkrantz. Ed has had "Ross" (his barn name) for 7 or 8 years. He presently has about 40 young horses by Ross ranging in age from, depending on the time of year, just foaled last week to 4 years old. Many of Ed's mares are line bred to Ed's Olympic horse My King, who was a son of Martel (member of the bronze medal winning dressage team for Germany at the 1952 Olympics)

Odessa is also the dam of the 1998 ATA Trakehner Training Level futurity winner Oliver Twist and the filly O'Charlesy who, we are told had received the second highest inspection marks given in the US. "Ross" was never taken through approval, although he has very fine parents. We are told that someone attempted to ride him as a yearling because he was so large and destroyed one of his hocks.

Ross's home pages

Here you will find more information on, and photos of Ockeross and some of his get.

Lubeck: full brother to Löwenherz, he has that great temperament and was kept a stallion for several years. He has won several championships and reserve championships in breed classes. He was also shown in dressage and did well.

Tasca: a Gummy Bear award recipient in California, is typical of the foundation quality mares Insel produces.

Insel's Breeding Contract for AI on Our Farm

Insel's Breeding Contract for Shipped Semen

Stallions - Pikör

Stallions - Kaschmir


See these pages for our get of our stallions, our mares and other horses.

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Guide to Locating Inselkönig's Offspring

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